Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
1015 McCausland Ave,63117-314.781.5050               1586 Clarkson Rd,63017-636.536.2222

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Need a targeted, personalized exercise plan for real results?

Welcome to world-class Pilates, 5 kinds of Yoga, Kettlebells, Total Body Conditioning—we specialize in mindful movement (no memberships—just “pay as you play”) tailored to your body--that you just can’t get from a big box gym.

Small classes allow our nationally-certified and passionately-talented instructors to focus on your mind-body connection, so each move is aligned for balanced, functional strength, maximum efficiency and calorie burn.

Classical Pilates builds core strength and is the most precise exercise form to transform your body for long, lean strength. Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga, Power, Slow Flow) brings flexibility, flow, and calm, centered endurance. Kettlebell incinerates calories and builds muscle to burn fat all day long. (And those are just 3 of our many offerings, including TRX, Zumba, Nia and more—see ourClass Schedule.)

The unique theme is mindful exercise. We help you focus and calm your head so it’s totally in the game--making new neuro-muscular connections so you enjoy toning and moving your body precisely with newfound grace, strength, and balance. (There’s nothing better than that gentle but real “sore in new places” feeling after one of our amazing classes). Come learn new ways to enjoy the endophins, the calm, the joy of movement!

Want a suggestion where to start? With one simple right choice: Call us for an introductory assessment. No memberships, nothing to join—just individual attention. We’ll chart your strengths, target areas to build and start you on an efficient path to make your well-being soar—and in your own time—your entire outlook on life!

Suzanne Ford
Pilates + Yoga Studio
St. Louis



The parking lot at the McCausland location is in the process of being resurfaced.  WED evening, THURS day and evening & FRI morning clients will need to enter and exit parking lot from McCausland.  There is additional street parking and after the bank closes--across the street.

-Thank you for your patience.

Free Class Mondays
for Clients New to Pilates Equipment

Come see how Pilates works for you!

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We are currently looking for talented, certified Pilates and Yoga Instructors to join our team as well as part-time to full-time front desk staff.  If you are interested, please call the studio at 314-781-5050 (St. Louis) & 636-536-2222 (Chesterfield) or stop by the studios during class times.

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