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pilates + yoga

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Classical pilates for all bodies.  We say “fix, function and fun!” Joint and back pain relief,  enhancing all sports and activities and enjoying life to the fullest.  Whether you’re an Olympic athlete (we train them!) or coming back from surgery or de conditioned, we can help!



Yoga of all types by expert, experienced instructors help you flow through sequenced moves to build flexibility, de-stress and work the kinks about your entire body.  Open to all levels.

Our focus is on you.

Some of our other services include chiropractic work, massage, and healing touch. See below to learn more. 

Osteopath at Work

 chiropractic work

Dr Bill Russell offers chiropractic services that encompass acupuncture, osteopathy, dance therapy and more.  

To schedule an appointment call (314) 795 - 8839.

Studio Rental 

 We have beautiful spaces for rent for events and classes; call (314) 781-5050 to arrange.

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