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Pilates + Getting Started

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a total body workout.  It builds your core as a powerhouse and supports a longer, leaner, stronger body as it moves through life. We focus on breath, concentration, body control and flow of movement.  You will receive a set of exercises to carry you through life with ease, flexibility (inside and out!) and a feeling of grace and self-confidence.


There are two kinds of Pilates: Mat (can be done anywhere, but the most challenging form of Pilates, with just you and gravity to work your core) and Equipment (springs and pulleys that support your body as you build core strength).

How to get started 

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Whether new to Pilates or new to our studio, we highly recommend a one-on-one Introductory Assessment to get you going.  We will spend 45-minutes looking at how you move and recommend your next steps with a detailed plan.

We also offer your first group class for only $10, so you can see how we teach, who we are, and enjoy our serene space.  

Introductory packages give you a price break to start with private lessons, and special membership plans also encourage regular practice with reduced monthly small, group-class rates.

What are you waiting for?  Click on the button below to log-in to our scheduling software and book your Introductory Assessment today!

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